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Read about our story, our store and how we help others achieve sexual wellness.



Spice Sensuality Boutique is so much more than the store everybody secretly wants to visit. We encourage you to come and meet us so we can introduce you to some great products to enhance your physical relationships. While sex is a serious matter, it should be a fun experience and our offerings certainly promote that.

Want to share the fun and excitement of adult toy shopping with your friends? Host a Spice Pleasure Party. Contact us at pleasureparty@spicesensuality.com for information on hosting an event you and your friends won’t be able to stop talking about!

Chuck, founder and owner of Spice, fondly remembers the first couple to walk through his door. They were in their sixties, looking for some fun toys to spice up their love life. He recalls some slap and tickle taking place as they laughed their way into each area. This was when he realized his decision to open Spice Sensuality Boutique was the right one!

SPICE is all about pleasure and fun with a dash of education thrown into the mix for good measure!

We cannot wait to welcome you through our doors. You will not feel awkward or unable to ask questions. Plenty of products speak for themselves, but some may need a little explanation! Bring an open mind and come and explore for a while.


Spice Sensuality